the new theZenit

by Francesca Schiavoni

"È una metafora, sai: ti metti la cosa che uccide fra i denti, ma non le dai il potere di farlo." - John Green, Colpa delle stelle

ph. Francesca Schiavoni @thezenit
mod. Lucilla Schiavoni @lucillaschiavoni

Canon EOS 100D, 55-250mm

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~etolosomA su We Heart It.
Il mattino ha l’oro in bocca.

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Enjoy your dark side.

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Immagine tramite We Heart It
Appunto, #graziemamma ❤️ (presso Milano)
It’s 2 am and I took seventeen shots of Vodka just trying to forget your name. But the only name I forgot is mine and sober or drunk you’re the only thing on my mind.

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